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Veterinarians world wide are now seeing the benefits of holistic care for animals.

Find out why.

This website is full of resources, information, and products that can help you make healthier decisions for your loved one.


Our first 4 shelters are in for our monthly profit donation list. Help expand the list and submit yours.

10% of all my profit will be donated to our local shelters
Type in the name and location of your local shelter on the line below "My Shelter" to be added to the monthly donation rotation list

To Date: $59.70

Thanks to:
Toni Lentz of Arkansas
Linda White of Pennsylvania

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2013 Natural Dog Remedies

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Foster Me!

Support your local animal rescues and animal shelters.  They need foster homes for animals who may or may not have special needs.  And, who knows!  You may even witness the birth of new babies.

Dogs Know!
It's time for us to listen!

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